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Alarm Management Practitioner Training Course

(2 Days)


Basic understanding of Process and Control systems

For a site to be safe and operationally effective, the alarm system(s) need to be managed and operated in a structured and consistent manner, best illustrated in the different phases of the full alarm management life cycle. With an appropriately managed and operated alarm system, you can be confident that when critical events occur, your operators are in a position to take the appropriate response.

However; as systems evolve through modification or replacement, process conditions vary or your staff change, the alarm system WILL degrade if not managed correctly.

Our alarm management training course is aimed at providing you with all the information and guidance you require, to successfully implement alarm management within your company thus providing a basis for the ongoing safe and efficient operation of your plant.

Amongst the topics included in our course are:

  • Fundamentals of alarm management
  • Benefits of alarm management with regard to your legislative and regulatory obligations
  • Creation of an Alarm Philosophy and associated documentation
  • Alarm design principles
  • Benchmarking, auditing and assessing your system
  • Alarm rationalisation and implementation
  • Nuisance alarm remediation
  • Advanced alarm handling 

To fulfil your training requirements, we have three options available to you:


We offer a public training course which is scheduled twice yearly. Please contact us for the next scheduled dates.


We can deliver our unmodified public training course to you on your site, should this be more effective for you. This may be a consideration for you if you have a number of people within your organisation who would benefit from alarm management training.


We can work with you to create a customised alarm management training course, based on our public course; which either you or our consultants can deliver across your organisation. This is particularly effective in delivering a consistent view on the management of alarms in multi-site or global organisations.

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Speak to one of our friendly, experienced team about the right solution for you