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Collects alarm and event messages from multiple disparate systems and consolidates into a database
Increase operational efficiency by benchmarking your alarms and analysing your events
Reduce rationalisation time and improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of your plant

An effectively managed industrial alarm system has become an integral part of any production and process facility and a mainstay of digital transformation planning.

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The ProcessVue Alarm Management Software Suite is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience and expertise in managing alarms. Based on globally-recognised industrial alarm management standards, it provides key personnel with clear, relevant and prioritised information for operations, compliance and business optimisation. ProcessVue is used by leading companies throughout the world due to its ease of use, rich functionality and the passion of the ProcessVue team.

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Benchmark Assessments for Alarms
Alarm Management Services

We offer a range of services to help you manage your industrial alarm systems and recognise what improvements need to be made.

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Benchmark Assessments

Understanding how well you manage your alarms and alarm systems is fundamental to being able to demonstrate not only your compliance to standards and regulatory obligations, but also that you recognize what improvements need to be made.

Alarm Philosophy

If you are serious about managing alarms, or have been challenged by the regulators to demonstrate your commitment to improving alarms on your site, then it is essential to create, maintain and bring into general use, an Alarm Philosophy document.

Alarm Rationalisation

Rationalisation is defined in the alarm management standards as a “process to review potential alarms using the principles of the alarm philosophy, to select alarms for design, and to document the rationale for each alarm”, and is appropriate to both green field and mature sites.

Benchmark Assessments for Alarms
Alarm Rationalization
Alarm Management Training

We’ll give you all the guidance you need to successfully implement alarm management software and systems within your business.

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Practitioner Training Course

Our alarm management training course is aimed at providing you with all the information and guidance you require, to successfully implement alarm management within your company thus providing a basis for the ongoing safe and efficient operation of your plan

Operator Training Course

Our alarm operator training course will explain to your operations staff why alarms are important and why alarm management is necessary and what their roles and responsibilities are.

Administrator Training

On completion of this course the user will have a good understanding of the basic functions, architecture, configuration and administration of the ProcessVue Alarm Management Suite.

Is alarm management software a part of your digital transformation strategy? If it’s not, it might be time to take the brakes off and consider what alarm management could do for you.


We’ve produced a series of white papers, case studies and videos which will change the way you think about Alarm Management.

Why ProcessVue

"ProcessVue was selected as the preferred choice of software, primarily due to three factors: its ease of use, expandability and the software’s track record in other energy and utilities installations."
Lee Hanlon
Premier Oil
"When the plant was first being commissioned, we were averaging well over one million alarms per month. A year later, that figure dropped to 350,000 per month. Today, the figure is under 20,000 per month – less than 2 per cent of the original figure.”
Adrian Bedford
EDF Energy
"ProcessVue is one of the key tools enabling root cause analysis of events at the power station, thereby helping us to investigate and report on these events to senior management and other parts of our organisation.”
George Eccleston

Success Stories

Discover how our powerful suite of software tools for alarm management turn opportunities into business value.

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