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ProcessVue Sequence

Streamlined Data Collection and Unified Alarm & Event View with ProcessVue Sequence

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ProcessVue Sequence of Events is the foundation of the ProcessVue Alarm Management Suite.

It collects alarm and event messages from multiple disparate systems and consolidates them into an industry standard SQL database. An easy to use yet powerful web based client is included to view, search and filter the messages. ProcessVue provides a unified view of all your Alarm & Event data.

Key features
  • Powerful Alarm Historian with web-based clients.
  • Frequency analysis with distribution drill-down.
  • Export data in Excel, CSV, RTF and PDF at the click of a button.
  • Plant, Area and Unit Segregation using extensive alarm & event routing.
  • Recognise important alarm / events and configure actions in real-time.
  • CFR21.11 Data integrity using digital signatures.
  • Powerful & flexible parsing engine to normalise data across disparate systems.

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