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Alarm Management Operator Training Course

(Half a day)

It is often the case that operators believe “alarm management is done to them”, or “it’s not our problem, what can I do about it?”

In reality, although they may not believe it; the operator is fundamental to the effective management and operation of alarm systems on your facility. It is essential to gain the ‘buy in’ of your operators if you wish to ensure a successful alarm management journey. Your operators will be more productive and significantly less stressed if your alarm system is working optimally. Our operator training course will explain to your operations staff why alarms are important and alarm management is necessary and what their roles and responsibilities are.

Operator training includes:

  • Why do we need alarm management?
  • The operator’s role in alarm management
  • Managing nuisance alarms

We have two options available to you for operator training.


We can deliver our standard operator training course to you on your site. In order to ensure all your operators are trained, this can be scheduled to suit your shift patterns.


We can work with you to create a customised training course for your operations staff, which includes specific references and guidance to your alarm management documentation and activities.

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Speak to one of our friendly, experienced team about the right solution for you