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Alarm Management Training Overview

MAC Solutions offers training to complement our service offering in Alarm Management. The goal is to accelerate the learning curve to ensure you maximise the value received from our products.

We offer standard courses, however additional courses are available which can be tailored to address your specific requirements. Our courses can be delivered at our modern training facilities in Chesterfield. Alternatively, training can also be scheduled onsite providing adequate facilities are available.

We have carefully created the following courses which are designed to enhance your ability to manage alarms:

Alarm Management Practitioner Training Course (2 days)
For a site to be safe and operationally effective, the alarm system(s) need to be managed and operated in a structured and consistent manner, best illustrated in the different phases of the full alarm management life cycle.
Alarm Management Operator Training Course (Half a Day)

It is often the case that operators believe “alarm management is done to them”, or “it’s not our problem, what can I do about it?”

ProcessVue Administrator Training (1 day)
On completion of this course the user will have a good understanding of the basic functions, architecture, configuration and administration of ProcessVue
ProcessVue Operator / User Training (1 day)

This course is specifically designed for operations staff with the goal of understanding the screens and navigation of ProcessVue Sequence.