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Reduce rationalisation time and improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of your plant with ProcessVue Guardian.

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Divide the workload into manageable chunks:
  • Create a Project for the Topmost frequent alarming Tags on your site and assign a team to rationalise them.
  • Create a Project by pieces of equipment or plant areas.
  • A separate team could be assigned to a Project containing all the Gas detectors or Valves.
  • Or create a Project for each Generating Unit.
  • Teams can work in parallel to increase efficiency.
Vendor neutral templates:
  • P&ID and / or Cause and Effects references.
  • Last date and time the Alarm was tested.
  • Work Order references.
  • HTML links to external documentation.
  • Implement field rules which automatically update fields based on the content of other fields.

Tailored to meet the requirements of your alarm philosophy:

  • Configurable priority wizard based on consequence and time to respond.
  • Record the reasoning behind the assigned Priority and record the potential cause of the alarm and consequence of not responding to it.
  • Operator action(s) to be carried out in response to the alarm and other comments can be recorded for inclusion into the Alarm Response Manual.
Includes comprehensive Management of Change:
  • Version control, with roll-back.
  • Every change is recorded in the Audit Trail.
  • Apply filters to the Audit Trail to see what changes were made to a particular tag.
Set targets and manage progress:
  • Design your own dashboard to keep track of Project progress.
  • Monitor signatures and approvals.
  • Track alarm counts over time and priority distributions.
  • Compare Project KPI’s to the initial configuration.

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