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ProcessVue Analyser

Increase operational efficiency by benchmarking your alarms and analysing your events.

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Interactive Frequency Analysis
Comprehensive report set with auto scheduler and filters
Realtime dashboard display with KPI and target information
Time-in-alarm analysis
EEMUA 191 Rev 3 Analysis
Quick wins
  • Identify chattering alarms
  • Identify stale alarms
  • Root cause analysis
  • Unify all your alarms and events in one tool
Reduce OpEx
  • dentify control system configuration improvements
  • Reduce effort by getting your alarm and event analysis distributed automatically
  • Target maintenance on stale alarms
Improve CapEx
  • Identify equipment or instruments to be replaced
  • Identify faulty controllers and instruments
  • Planned vs Unplanned Maintenance
Be Compliant
  • Reporting according to: IEC 62682, ISA/ANSI 18.2, EEMUA 191
  • Demonstrate that your alarm system performs according to your alarm philosophy
  • Track your alarm system improvements
  • Identify alarm system problems
  • Demonstrate alarm priority distribution

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