ProcessVue Unveils Latest Innovation with ProcessVue Analyser 4.0
MARCH 2024

ProcessVue, a leader in alarm management solutions, announces the launch of ProcessVue Analyser 4.0, a significant milestone in the evolution of its cutting-edge software.

This latest release introduces five major updates, underscoring ProcessVue’s commitment to meeting customer needs and aligning with the growing importance of alarm management in fostering continuous improvement, driving efficiency, profitability, and supporting the ongoing journey towards digital transformation.

ProcessVue Unveils Latest Innovation with ProcessVue Analyser V3.3
The key features of ProcessVue Analyser 4.0 include:
1. Worklist Module

Enhancing the ProcessVue alarm management software, this new module introduces collaborative workspaces tailored for efficient management, tracking, and evidence provision within continuous improvement processes related to alarm management.

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2. New Connector – Cogent Datahub

ProcessVue Analyser 4.0 introduces a new Connector named Cogent Datahub, allowing seamless collection of alarms and events from an OPC UA Datahub Domain, further expanding compatibility with OPC UA alarms and conditions enabled data sources.

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3. New Licensing Manager

Streamlining the application of ProcessVue licenses, the new licensing manager enables users to configure and commission the software seamlessly through a single license file.

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4. Alarm Enrichment Capabilities
The latest version enhances alarm enrichment, allowing users to add metadata to alarms, providing deeper insights and facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of alarm occurrences.
5. Language Support
ProcessVue Analyser 4.0’s web client interface now offers language support, including French, Spanish, Italian, and Czech, enhancing accessibility for a global user base.

In addition to these product updates, ProcessVue Analyser 4.0 places a strong emphasis on enhanced security and user experience, ensuring a robust and user-friendly platform for alarm management.

“ProcessVue Analyser 4.0 marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing top-tier alarm management solutions. These updates are a result of both customer feedback and our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends. We are confident that this release will empower our users to drive continuous improvement and navigate the complexities of digital transformation,” said James Fox, Product Manager at ProcessVue.

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