ProcessVue Announces the Release of Guardian 2.0
JULY 2024

ProcessVue, a leader in alarm management solutions, proudly announces the release of ProcessVue Guardian 2.0, the Master Alarm Database and flagship product of the ProcessVue Alarm Management Suite. This update further consolidates ProcessVue Guardian as a unified alarm management layer, capable of managing and optimising multiple disparate alarm systems across the enterprise.

Computer operator using ProcessVue Guardian 2.0
Key Updates in ProcessVue Guardian 2.0
  • 1 - Innovative Templates for Synergistic Alarms

    Streamline the rationalisation process by creating a single rationalised alarm to be used as a template for similar alarms, significantly reducing effort and time.

  • 2 - Flexible Priority Matrix Manager

    Users can now create and modify their own priority matrices, tailoring alarm prioritisation to their specific needs and operational contexts.

  • 3 - Improved Pre- and Post-Rationalisation Management

    Enhanced capabilities keep the rationalisation process on track, demonstrating progress session by session.

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Additional enhancements in this release include the streamlining of license management, support for Active Directory, and multi-language support with the addition of Czech, French, Spanish and Italian.  

ProcessVue always recommends using the most current version of the software for access to the latest security updates and patches.

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