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ALARM MANAGEMENT working for you!

“Forward messages from ProcessVue Alarm Management Suite to Smartphones, Cellphones, pages and many other devices,”

With the continuously increasing demands of modern manufacturing and the drive for ever more efficient use of personnel, the need for a simple system to distribute alarm information to the right people in real time has never been greater

The Concept

ProcessVue Notification add-on is a dedicated application platform used to aggregate events from ProcessVue and make them accessible to operators via different media (Emails, voice, SMS, Pages, Smartphones …etc.)

This add-on provides an alarm workflow and escalation system to make sure the right person gets the alarm wherever they are on the plant. With inputs from multiple industry standard sources and operator acknowledgement possible, the Alarm Notification System closes the loop for efficient operation.


Forward most important Alarms:

ProcessVue enables to specify and forward the most important Alarms to the Notification System, following different embedded ways, it can be based on Files, Ethernet, Emails…etc.,

Wide Range of Transmission Media:

ProcessVue Notification System issues information through various media:

      • Telephone: operators are called by telephone, listen to alarms.
      • Short messages (SMS) to alert operators working offsite via mobile phone or pager.
      • Dedicated paging systems (Messenger) to quickly alert maintenance operators working on site.
      • Email to receive written reports of the alarms detected and their contexts.
      • Smartphone notifications using Android and IOs applications.

Complete Notification processing:

The integrated Core system of ProcessVue Notification System is responsible for alert processing, this feature allows a whole range of processes to be managed, implemented and modelled. In combination with an alarm system, it is possible to create a customized escalation list and ensure the alert reaches the recipient securely

Complete Alarm Management Offer:

ProcessVue Alarm management suite combined with our ProcessVue Notification Add-on enables to you

Alarm Notification Benefits:

        • enhanced availability of automated plant systems
        • reduced downtimes
        • reduced costs thanks to effective operators deployment
        • remote operator/team alarms
        • centralised application concept, localised data collection
        • remote value requests enable mobile systems monitoring
        • application monitoring during commissioning
        • additional functions (on request

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