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Built on the foundations of the SOE system; ProcessVue Analyser enhances the easy to use Web Client by adding real-time dashboards and a reporting engine based on industry best practices and standards. ProcessVue Analyser is a valuable tool in any alarm improvement project enabling rapid identification of Bad Actors and can even suggest changes to alarm settings that will positively impact alarm loads.

Enhanced frequency analysis with distribution drill down
Comprehensive report set with auto scheduler and filters
Realtime dashboard display with KPI and target information
Time-in-alarm analysis
EEMUA 191 Rev 3 Analysis

Analysis based on industry standards & guidelines.

ProcessVue Analyser is aligned with the most recognised standards and guidelines such as:

  • EEMUA 191
  • ISA 18.2

  • IEC 62682
  • BS 62682


Sequence of Events

All the functionality of the ProcessVue SOE product which gives you full control of the Sequence of Events.

  • Search and Filter on any field.
  • Leave comments on any alarm or event.
  • Expand on filtered results to create cause & effect lists.
  • Export to Excel and PDF.

Enhanced frequency analysis

In addition to the already feature rich frequency analysis tool found in ProcessVue SOE; Analyser enhances this with the following:

  • Perform analysis on the entire data range (SOE is limited to the last 250k messages).
  • Fast analysis on any tag using an interactive tag search function.

Real-time dashboards

ProcessVue Analyser introduces a set of unique real-time dashboards with graphical represenations of the current alarm performance. The dashboards automatically update giving you the latest performance information without touching a mouse!

  • Real-time dashboards show alarm performance over the last 24 hr, 7 days, 30 days and 6 months.
  • The 24 hour dashboard also calculates and displays the current EEMUA 191 performance, Active, Stale and Shelved alarm counts.
  • The Dashboards are also available in a report format, giving you the power to generate these reports when needed.

Comprehensive collection of reports

ProcessVue Analyser introduces a powerful yet easy to use reporting engine accompanied by a comprehensive set of standard reports:

Most Frequent

Alarms by Tag
Alarms by Tag whilst shelved
Interventions by Tag
Shelved by Tag
Acknowledgements by tag
Alarm Actions by Tag

Tag Analysis

Alarm Pattern

Duration Reports

Alarm Duration summary
Alarm Duration detail
Flood duration detail
Operator Response summary

KPI Reports

Alarm Rates
Alarm Performance

Alarm Detail

Active Alarms
Stale Alarms
Shelved Alarms
Chattering Alarms
Fleeting Alarms
Clean Alarms

Distribution by

Alarm Status

Report filters

Report data can be refined using an easy to use filtering system. For example, you can apply a filter to the frequency analysis report to give you just the top 10 priority 1 alarms, or priority one alarms from a particular plant area or unit

  • Apply filters to the reports using Include and/or Exclude controls.
  • Filter by Tag, Description, Priority, Plant, Plant Area, Unit and many more.
  • Save popular or heavily used filters for later use.
  • Link popular reports to a button on the interface for quick access.
  • Apply saved filters to automated reports.
  • Edit the filters using simple SQL code.

Fully automated reporting engine

The reporting engine also comes with a fully automated scheduler as standard. This allows you automatically generate any report or group of reports at any time of day. Want to know what alarms are on the shelf at shift change over? – No problem.

  • A Fully programmable report scheduler.
  • Schedule a single report or groups of multiple reports.
  • Automatically print, store or email the reports.
  • Automatically apply your pre-defined filters to the generated reports.

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