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M.A.C. Solutions are excited to announce the latest release ofProcessVue Analyser. Existing ProcessVue Analyser customers with a valid maintenance contract can now access this latest release. 

Brand new new features built in #020215:

Wonderware InTouch SCADA Driver (supports V10.00)

ProcessVue now has the capability to connect to Wonderware InTouch through a native driver and extract all the alarm & event information directly.

Shelved Alarm Support

ProcessVue now has the capability to recognise shelved alarms and provide reports that expose the most frequent shelved alarms and alarms currently on the shelf - Important information for shift handovers.

Intervention Recognition

Operator Interventions can now be recognised within the alarm and event information and be reported upon. Interventions can now be filtered upon in the sequence of events and ProcessVue can now report on the most frequent Intervention by Tag.

Digital Signatures

Upon receipt of an alarm or event, ProcessVue now adds a digital signature. This signature is used to check the integrity of the information stored in the ProcessVue database. Any tampering of the alarm & event information in the database will be made evident from within the ProcessVue client. 


If you would like more information on this release, or would like to arrange a site visit to upgrade your system please get in touch HERE.

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